Rustic -chic wedding on an 1880 year stone villa near Siena

This beautiful villa dates back to the 1880’s and is built in typical Tuscan style. Villa Aurelia has a swimming pool and a large beautiful garden. Villa Aurelia is located not far from Siena, which is famous for the Palio di Siena horse race, which runs every year July 16 and August 2. In Val di Merse, you can find many beautiful hilltops, medieval villages and unspoilt bays, relaxing views and ancient winding roads through the lush Tuscan countryside. Villa Aurelia is the ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday, with family and friends. If you could imagine a quiet place where you can be alone with friends and family for a great celebration of the big day, then villa Aurora is a good choice. The area is rich in history and among the main sights and attractions is the unique, outstanding San Galgano Abbey and the chapel of Montesiepi with its famous and authentic and stunning style. You can marry in the chapel if you wish, and then have the party at Villa Aurelia afterwards. Both the monastery and the chapel are also unique and remarkable wedding venues in Tuscany .Villa Aurelia has a villa part with beds for up to 10 people + 4 apartments each can accommodate two people, so in total for villa Aurelia you can stay 18 people. There are also several nice places nearby that can be recommended if you should be more than 18. For more info on this lovely place please contact